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Tufeco Appoints Senior Construction Professional to Optimise Business Growth

Dr Miles Watkins, formerly Group Business Development Director at Building Research

Establishment (BRE), has joined as CEO Tufeco Building Systems. The Norfolk-headquartered

firm brings a new and innovative, 100% recyclable, structural insulated panel system, known as

the Tufeco Build System, to the UK built environment. Reepham High School, Reepham, was built

by Tufeco in 2016.

Dr Watkins leads the business’s commercial development, which focuses on building on the

demand from schools and housing developers for sustainable, high performance and quick to build

solutions. The components of the main building structure for a three-bedroom house can be

produced in three-four hours and assembled in four-five days on-site.

“I’m delighted to join Tufeco at this exciting time in its development,” said Dr Watkins. “It’s also a

significant moment in the acceleration of the UK’s low carbon economy, emphasised by the

Government’s Transforming Construction Alliance’s (TCA) recent launch. Tufeco is ideally placed

to work alongside the sector to deliver the offsite manufactured, market-ready systems the TCA

calls for.”

The Tufeco Build System is uniquely produced in the UK in a controlled factory environment at

Badersfield, Norfolk. It is a zero construction-waste approach able to deliver customised and zero

carbon, or in many cases carbon positive, fire resistant components, homes and buildings at

competitive prices.

Jon Gunn, Executive Chairman at Tufeco Building Systems, said: “We are thrilled Dr Watkins has

joined Tufeco. His experience, knowledge of the UK construction market and commercial acumen

is second to none. He brings a dynamic and professional approach that will see the Tufeco Build

System lead out the UK’s next generation of low carbon homes and buildings.”

For further comment or to arrange an interview with Dr Watkins, contact miles.watkins@tufeco.com


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