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Coronavirus Pods

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Shelleco are now providing Global delivery of Coronavirus / COVID-19 Testing and Isolation Pods for Governments and companies. How are they used? The general public and staff need to be protected and tested before entering a hospital, office building, Government facility, festival, public event, sporting venue, etc.

The public would enter the compound and if suspected of symptoms (or everyone), they would be taken to the testing pod to be tested. If the results are found to be negative, they would then be allowed to continue into the building/venue.

If the person is found to test positive, they would then be moved to an isolation pod and not allowed entry. The testing pod and compound would then be temporarily closed, fumigated, cleaned and reopened rapidly, thus protecting all persons next to pass through the compound.

Portable isolation virus proof buildings
Coronavirus testing & isolation pods

> Lightweight – approximately 500KG, depending on size and build (this is the weight of a self contained shower room pod with shower, toilet and washbasin).

> Sustainable products used in the production.

> The structural insulated panels are made from recycled glass which also makes the pods totally recyclable at end of their use.

> Crane lifting points for flat bed & curtain lorry delivery, positioning and removal.

> Removable and adjustable jockey wheels to move and level the pod on uneven ground.

> Repairable surfaces throughout.

> Level disabled access achievable when the pod is sat directly on the floor

We have dropped everything to meet the demand this virus has created. Contact us now for delivery to discuss our emergency delivery timescales.

> High level extraction for airborne decontamination.

> Hygienic LED lighting system.

> High level extraction for airborne contamination.

> Energy monitoring devices can be installed Additional Thermal and Acoustic options are available. Underfloor heating.

As we manufacture and design the rapid deployable personnel disinfecting pod from scratch, we can make them completely to the requirements and the design of the client. Of course economies of scale and standard offerings provide the most expedient and cost effective.

We can offer sales or rental either fully installed or delivered with training for the installation and commissioning.

Delivered as a complete factory produced unit or flat pack for erection on site. Total recyclability at its’ end of use provides a true ‘cradle to cradle’ design model.

Use of manufacturing capacity for Tufeco’s game changing eco build system to build any shaped pod required.

All surfaces can be manufactured from impermeable hygienic surfaces that are fully compatible with the Lumibio system.

The pods can be built or in kit form suitable for container transportation globally.

Rapidly deployable.

Made from recycled glass, also recyclable at the end of use - True ‘Cradle to Cradle’

Manufactured conforming to the relevant fire regulations

Pop-Up Hospital grade buildings

Tufeco’s unique build system can provide Hospital grade buildings within days not Months. When every day counts, few developers can can adapt to new designs or match the speed and accuracy like Tufeco. When the emergency subsides, you can choose to move it, change the planning to permanent or let us take it away for recycling.

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