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The construction industry is currently one of the largest producers of CO2 emissions

It is also slow, expensive, complicated & often poor standard


Technology can fix this


 Welcome to our solution...

Tufeco is a next generation, digitally manufactured & deployed build system.

Made from recycled glass, the monolithic panelled flat pack kits form the foundation pad, walls, roof and intermediate flooring.


No extra insulation, structure and in some cases finishing is required. 

Simple Solution


The construction industry often tackle build problems and mandatory improvements by adding additional layers to existing systems rather than looking for a whole encompassing solution.

The Tufeco System's origins were formed from a specific need for a simple to construct build system that could handle extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, arctic cold and the desert heat.


The inventors are leaders in the field of high performance composites and they are well versed in designing for extreme conditions and usage, eg. the nose cone of the super-sonic aircraft Concorde, or the revolutionary first glass fibre impact car bumpers on the Mazda MX5.

For the Tufeco System the inventors turned to ceramic composites, like NASA's Space Shuttle tiles, for inspiration. Ceramics work in a different way to traditional insulation by reflecting/expelling heat and cold rather than the normal slowing down the transfer, also known as conductivity.


The woven glass skins makes the system air-tight as well. The result is, the walls, floors and roof of the Tufeco System blocks the transfer of heat and air; perfect for a passive style build approach. 

Engineered from Recycled Glass Bottle Waste
Class O/AA Fire Rated
No Wet Trades
Cement, Concrete or Plaster
Ideal for use in Carbon Positive builds
Unique Hurricane Proof Integrated Cabling System
Typical 3 Bed House Printed Out To Flat Pack
Extreme Weather Tested +40c to -40c
Ideal For Use In Flood Proof Housing Schemes
Typical 3 Bed House Walls, Floor Pad and Roof Erected On Site
Pultruded from 100s of strands of glass, creating components up to 6 times the yield strength of steel 

Simple construction - even a robot could build with it.


Robotic building, science fiction or reality? Well, believe it or not, Tufeco are very close. All of our building components are already made on fully automated production lines and our current on-site construction technique only requires 3 people. The most skilled job being the crane operator currently, but our spider cranes are a hair breadth away from being a robotic automated system as well.  


Tufeco's simple to construct flat pack kits is in fact ideally suited to robotic build. Each Tufeco component is individually identified and referenced to original BIM drawings; it is a relatively simple move over to using fully robotic builders to assemble, fix and seal our buildings to factory standards whilst on-site. By already eliminating all wet trades from our builds and providing ready finished panel pieces to site, we are automatically placed at the forefront of this potential technical revolution.

Tufeco are fully committed to being able to build all of their schools, houses and commercial buildings, using fast build electric eco robots well by 2020. Obviously in some cases using unskilled labour is a bonus for certain scenarios so this development will not always be a requirement or supported.

We have already aligned with partners both in the UK and Globally to deliver our products at scale using our robotic methods.

Next Generation Classrooms

Up to passive standard build at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent competitor

Modularised Versus Bespoke


We are often categorised in the same vein as off-site manufacturing. Where as we do share the fact that our building components are created in factory conditions, that is where the similarity ends.


As an example, if you take a typical 3 bed house - Tufeco take 3-4 hours to produce all the components of the main building structure in the factory and about 4-5 days to assemble in on-site. Typical modular offsite builds can take up to 14 week in the factory and still take a few days on-site.

However, where we do think modular does work, is for instance classrooms, hotel rooms or student accommodation pods, where you want to have the same guaranteed and known performance out of each module, every time you build one. For this reason, we do have some set designs that you can choose off of the shelf.

Where Tufeco move ahead of regular off-site manufactured pods, is we have the ability in the system to add a lot of customisation to the joining elements. The halls, landings, open spaces. Ultimately giving the Architect/Designer the option to add their mark on what could be normally a very regimented approach to building.


The pictures here are of Reepham High School in Norfolk which Tufeco built last year. The classrooms are standard proven sizes that are connected with customised elements, which in this case was an extra office, large plant room and a central atrium. 

The thermal efficiencies of the panel and its' air-tight performance makes the classrooms easy to mechanically control the classroom environment without outside temperature influences.


The joint partnership between Tufeco and Grimshaw Architects. Delivering a truly affordable eco digital turn key solution for Housing Associations, Councils and Developers

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